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Vampire (Sookie's Lover) 175
Vampire (Wants Sookie For Himself)
Shape-Shifter (Likes Sookie)
Vampire (Hoyt's Lover)
Human (Jessica's Lover)
Human (Town Horndog)
Human (Deceased)
Vampire (Deceased) over 2000 y/o
Vampire (Fangtasia Bouncer)
Vampire (Queen)
Human (Sookie's Cousin)
Human (Deceased Murderer)
Human (Murderer's X-fiance)
Human (Detective)
Human (Sheriff)
Human (Arlene's lover)
Human (Child)
Human (Child)
Human (Works at Fangtasia)
Vampire (Dallas)
Vampire (Dallas)
Human (F.O.T.S.)
Human (F.O.T.S.)
Human (F.O.T.S.)
Human (Tara's Lover) (Deceased)
Human (Sookie's Bestfriend)
Human (Abusive and Alcoholic Mother^)
Vampire (Bill's Maker)
Human (Tara's Gay Cousin)
Vampire (Deceased V Supplier)
Human (Deceased V Addict)
Human (Deceased Fangbanger)
Human (Deceased Fangbanger)
Human (Police, Kevin's lover)
Human (Kenya's lover)
Human (Protective Mama)
Human (Deceased Sexual Abusive Uncle)
Werewolf (Shreveport lover of Sookie's)
Werepanther (hotshot, likes Sookie)
Werepanther (hotshot, dated Jason)
Werepanther (hotshot, kidnapped Jason)
Human (Isabel's Human Traitor)
Vampire (Co- Owner of Fangtasia. Bouncer)
Vampire (Deceased, stole from Fangtasia)
Maenad (Deceased, psycopath)
Human (Deceased, Maryann's evildoer)
Human (Cut off her own finger in season 2)
Human (Andy's Sister)
Vampire ('Married' to Sophie- Anne)
Vampire (Tara's Rich Lover)
Vampire (Deceased, Russell's male lover)
Shifter (Deceased, hated Sookie)
Human (Jessica's sister)
Dwarf (Doctor)
Human (Decease Vampire Drainer)
Human (Deceased Vampire Drainer)
Vampire (Deceased Leader)
Vampire (Deceased, had sex with Bill)
Vampire (Deceased, had sex with Maudette)
Human (Malcolm's human)

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