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He was the first ranger mentor to possess morphing powers
Of Gold, Zinc, and Titanium it's the metal that has never been included in the name of a ranger
They were the first set of fighting machines not to be called Zords
This was the first carrier Zord the rangers had
This season was the first to see one ranger morph with another ranger's power
This blue ranger was the first second generation ranger
This is the only full team power up that cannot be used by an individual ranger
This city was the hometown of the Green Samurai and Crimson Thunder rangers
They were the first siblings to each be rangers
This ranger mentor originally spoke only in questions. She later would speak normally
Only available for a few episodes, this was the first full team power up
Of Cyber Force, Weather Force, and Wild Force it's the one that was the name of a ranger team
The 15th anniversary episode 'Always a Ranger' saw this Dino Thunder Ranger return to action
When Power Rangers reached 500 episodes they did it with an episode titled this
This was the first team not to have a pink ranger
The first ranger to have purple in their uniform drew power from this animal
*This actor is the only person to play 2 different characters in 2 different seasons both of whom possessed morphing powers
Seen only one time each, Kat Ranger and Nova Ranger were part of this team
This was the only Ranger color not transferred in Passing the Torch.
The first ranger team to have a gold and a silver ranger was this one
These were the three sides of the original Gold ranger
Based in Mariner Bay, they were the first ranger team with man made powers
This full team power up is the first to change a ranger's color
She is the only ranger to ever be destroyed in action
The Mighty Morphin Rangers had four sets of Zords: Dino, Thunder, Ninja, and this one
These two colors have been represented on every ranger team
Team up episodes are a near seasonal staple of Power Rangers. The first one had this title
This was the first team to have only 5 rangers from beginning to end
This special episode celebrated Power Rangers' 10th Anniversary
This team up episode marked the first time two teams of power rangers came to blows with each other

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