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Can you name the Words or Pharses that begin with SP or CLE?

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Forced Order
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A type of athletic shoe
People in AA and people doing the Aids Walk have this in common
A thin pasta, or a monster you can believe in instead of God
Elizabeth Taylor had a nice asp
A canned meat, kinda
Oh my darlin'
Where the Indians feel home
Third Servile War leader, or Kirk Douglas
An American Idol winner
Where orange Tigers learn
Top arcade game of all time, according to Guinness
A juiced up Rocket
This Russian won a race to circle the world
He gets high on Mary Jane
His second cousin was Hazzard County Comissioner
Beck, Limbaugh, and Hannity all speak through me
Newt or Nancy
People think I'm a genus!
I am #2 in Washington
The Florida city the creator of this quiz lives in (I can see the bottom)

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