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Forced Order
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Bad DescriptionCartoon
Amnesiac alien saves multiple worlds while dying a few times in the process
Oddly colored superhero is summoned by a group of kids on a mission
A mismatched trio has adventures on a never-visited tropical locale
Everyone has jaundice!
A titular malapropism sparks this series of wishful thinking?
One is bald, one is a redhead, two of them are twins, and the eldest is a vain blonde.
Very dramatic series about people fighting in giant machines shaped like people
Siamese twins of a different species
Bad DescriptionCartoon
A study of the life of an optimistic fast food worker
Like 'Six Million Dollar Man' meets 'Pink Panther'
As close as a modern cartoon has come to being educational, yet almost none of the science in it is real.
Despite the admitted ambiguity as to their creation, these siblings always get in trouble, usually with an unnamed crimson figure.
A bald kid has to save the world with the help of two siblings
A tale of the plight of an immigrant, forced into conformity by a ubiquitous corporation
A brooding series about a boy with a misshapen head and absent parents, trying to make it through elementary school

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