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Affects rate of reaction and friction, measured in m^2
Element with relative atomic mass 28
Commonly used units based after metric system
Also known as the constant of proportionality
Compound containing Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen
A trigonometric function of an angle
Unit of electrical conductance
Quantity independent of specific classes of coordinate systems
When all the particles of the system are at rest and the total force on each particle is permanently zero
Heterogenous mixture containing solid particles which will eventually settle
Lowest standard taxonomic rank
VSEPR Shape e.g. Xenon Tetrafluoride
Organism which undergoes extracellular digestion of dead organic material
Circuit in which all components receive same current
How likely a substance is to become the solute of a solvent
Physical theory stating E=MC^2
Organic compound with no double or triple bonds or rings
The extent to which an object resists deformation
Element called brimstone
Gland which produces 50-70% of liquid in semen
Large stellar explosion
Animalia, Chordata, Aves, Anseriformes, Anatidae, Cygnus
Caused by photon excess or deficiency, can be used to predict contents of stars
Third lightest quark
Pole at which magnetic field lines converge

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