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All he needs is one mic
Thinkin' of a master plan
He's a business, man
Livest one from Bedford-Stuyevesant
Son of a Black Panther
The Teacha
Collaborated with DJ Polo
Long Live the...
Shares alias with Al Pacino character
B. Rabbit
Once upon a time in the projects, yo
The Ruler
He's sorry, Ms. Jackson
Yasiin Bey
Bass! How loud can you go?
Things Fall Apart
The Genius
Doo Wop (That Thing)
He used to love H.E.R.
He said it was time 4 sum aksion
1st half of name is like Egyptian royalty
Part of the Juice Crew
Fluent in Ebonics
Couldn't live without his radio
Provided Capital Punishment
10% Disser
Lone guest rapper on Illmatic
Shares alias with Tony Stark
Name is in the middle of equality
One of three who was 'Never Scared'
For him, death and success are certain
Succeeded in a second round knockout
How ya like him now?
The Chef
3 Feet High and Rising
Kick, Push
had a beautiful dark twisted fantasy
Shares name with ear cleaner
From Ladies First to Chicago
Sippin' on Gin & Juice
Stop drop, shut em down open up shop
Broad Street Bully
One half of Gang Starr
King of the South
He's Trill
One half of Blackalicious
Ain't no such thing as halfway crooks
Ice Cube's cousin
Kiss of Death

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