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QUIZ: Name Every Band that has played at the M3 Hair Metal/Rock Festival since it's inception in 2009

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1st LP AlbumArtistM3 Appearances/Notes or Song
Self Titled 19817 'Don't Close Your Eyes'
Self Titled 19886 'The Ballad of Jayne'
Self Titled 19844 'Once Bitten Twice Shy'
'Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich' 19884 'I Saw Red'
'Stick It To Ya' 19903 'Real Love'
'Feel the Shake' 19883 'Heavy Chevy'
'The Yellow and Black Attack' 19842 'Honestly'
'The Warning' 19843 'Empire'
'The Birthday Eve' 19812 'Crazy Nights'
'Dawn Patrol' 19822 'Sister Christian'
'Mechanical Resonance' 19862 'Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)'
'Out For Blood' 19832 'Kiss Me Deadly'
Self Titled 19902 'Don't Treat Me Bad'
Self Titled 19892 'Bang Bang'
Self Titled 19882 'Headed for a Heartbreak'
Self Titled 19903 'Give It To Me Good'
'Psycho Cafe' 19893 'Someone Like You'
Self Titled 19892 'Inside Out'
'Under the Blade' 19822 'We're Not Gonna Take It'
'Out of the Cellar' 19842 'Round and Round'
'Lay Down the Law' 19842 'Rock N Roll Outlaw'
Self Titled 19892 'Get the Funk Out'
'Breaking the Chains' 19833 'Heaven Sent'
Self Titled 1988'Smooth Up in Ya'
'Yesterday and Today' 19762 'Summertime Girls'
'Night Songs' 1986'Night Songs'
1st LP AlbumArtistM3 Appearances/Notes or Song
'After the Rain' 1990'Love and Affection'
'Lonesome Crow' 1972'No One Like You'
Self Titled 19842 'Hold On To 18'
Self Titled 1987'House of Pain'
Self Titled 1989'To Be With You'
'Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz' 1989'Rock and Roll (Is Gonna Set the Night on Fire)'
'Trouble' 1978'Here I Go Again'
Self Titled 1989'Fly High Michelle'
'Wicked Sensation' 1990'Wicked Sensation'
Selft Titled 1 19782 'Metal Health'
Self Titled 1989'Youth Gone Wild'
Self Titled 1984'I Wanna Be Somebody'
Self Titled 1992'The Lumberjack'
'Out of the Silent Planet' 1988'Over My Head'
'Blackout In the Red Room' 1990'Why Do You Think They Call it Dope?'
Self Titled 1991'I'll Never Let You Go'
'What Comes Around Goes Around' 1991`'I Hate Kissing You Good-Bye'
'Sign In Please' 1984'Turn Up the Radio'
Self Titled 1988'Waiting for the Big One'
Self Titled 1990'Find Another Way'
'New Birth' 1985'Do You Love Me'
No album released under this nameHave 3 of 4 members of Vixen
Bring 'Em Bach Alive (1998)2 - Vocalist for Two Multi Platinum Albums
A Letter From Death Row (1998)Starred in 2007 Reality Show 'Rock of Love'
Exposed (1993)'You're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come)'
Back Down To One (2003)Former Vocalist of a Multi Platinum Hair Band. Now deceased
1st LP AlbumArtistM3 Appearances/Notes or Song
Self Titled (2012) Unplugged (Mix of new & previous band songs)Vocalist with The Scream/Motley Crue/Union
No album released yet as solo artistPlayed with Guns N' Roses since 1990
Pawn Shop Guitars (1994)Played with Guns N' Roses 1991-1994
Hole Patrol (2003)2 - Previously known as Danger Kitty/Metal Shop/Metal Skool
Single 'Under Summer Skies' circa 91' most well known songCut a demo in 89' and material in 91' for Epic Records,but no official release
Bite Me (2011) - Demo2 Formed in 81' 1st Full Length CD came out 2013
Appice playing along with 4 other drummers..Formed 2006 by Carmine Appice..described as 'Stomp on Steroids'
Play Ozzy/Sabbath/Dio/Rod Stewart & MoreCarmine & Vinny Appice
Self Titled (2014)Founding member played with Ozzy and Badlands
Play Ozzy/Sabbath/Quiet Riot/Dokken/Rainbow & More Super Group started 2006 (Joe Lynn Turner/Phil Soussa/Carlos Cavazo/Vinny Appice)
Self Titled (2011)Founded in 2007 by Extreme vocalist Gary Cherone
Charm City (2014) E.P.2 Band of teenagers
Tuesdays and Thursdays (2004)Trio described as playing 'Swagger-Groove Rock'
Self Titled (2012)Formed 2012 to play 'No Frills, Down and Dirty Rock and Roll'
Heavily Influenced (2013) Independent E.P. ReleaseFormed 2008

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