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Any past or present member of the band KISS (Last Name)
Any family member with the surname Conner on the TV Show 'Roseanne' (1st Name)
Any of the 4 Railroads in the game of Monopoly
Any of the artists who have one of the Top 5 Selling Albums of All-Time
Any of the 5 players who have played the most regular season games in NHL history (Last Name)
Any of the 8 US presidents who died while in office (Last Name)
Any of the 12 winners of Horse racings Triple Crown
Any of the 3 cartoon elvish mascots for the cereal 'Rice Krispies'
Any of the 5 richest people in the USA as of the 2016 Forbes List
Any of the 5 All-Time longest running (most episodes) prime-time scripted Tv Series in the USA

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