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What is the real/birth name of singer 'Alice Cooper' First or Last nameMusic
What is the name of Tonto's horse from the Tv series 'The Lone Ranger'Tv
Who holds the NHL record for most points in one game in the Stanley Cup Final with 5Sports
In the 1960's Tv Series 'Lost In Space' in what year is the show set? Hint: It's between (1965-2015)Tv
Fill in the Blank 'When you eat your smarties do you eat the '___ ' ones last'Commercial
Who was the drummer before Ringo Starr in the 'Beatles'Music
What Nickname did motorcycle stunt performer Robert Craig Knievel go by?Sports
What is the name of the Monkey friend of Zan and Jayna 'The Wonder Twins'Cartoons
The 'Spice Girls' were 'Posh' 'Sporty' 'Baby' 'Scary' and '____'? Music
Chocolate Bar slogan - Peter Paul 'Almond Joys got nuts...Peter Paul '_____' don'tFood/Commercials
'Kramer' was the last name of Cosmo Kramer on 'Seinfeld' but in the Pilot episode he had a different last name, what was it?Tv
In what fictional town do 'Beavis and Butthead' liveCartoons
In 'The Year Without A Santa Claus' who sang 'I'm Mr Green Christmas, I'm Mr Sun, I'm Mr Heat Blister, I'm Mr Hundred and One'Cartoons
How fast (to the 100th of a second..Example 9.XX) did 'Ben Johnson' run in the 1988 Olympics Final of the 100m dash before being disqualified Sports
What is the name of the heavy set kid who is the catcher for the 'Bad News Bears'Movies
From the Tv Pilot until the Tv Movie 'Rescue from Gilligan's Island' how many years were Gilligan and his friends stranded on the islandTv/Movies
How many years old was 'Rose' at the end of the movie 'The Titanic'Movies
What does a man suffering from Polyorchidism have at least three of?Anatomy
Which heavy set comedian was 1st cast as Balki's cousin on the Tv show 'Perfect Strangers' but was replaced after filming a pilot episodeTv
What is the only U.S. State that can be typed on one row of keyboard keysMiscellaneous

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