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What Pro Football League played it's 1st games in 1987The Denver Dynamite were the 1st League Champs
What Texas City was granted the 1st expansion franchise to enter the NBA in the 1980sAlmost made the Finals in just their 8th season, losing 4 games to 3 to the Lakers in the 88' Conference Finals
What barefoot runner did Mary Decker blame for the injury that took her out of the 1984 OlympicsShe was South African but represented Britain, since South Africa was banned due to the government's apartheid policy
What coach, defected to the U.S. during a 1981 Romanian gymnastics tourHe coached Nadia Comaneci to the 1st 'Perfect 10' in Olympic Gymnastics history, then did the same with Mary Lou Retton of the USA in 1984
What calendar year saw the Patriots, Redsox & Celtics all play in the Championship Game/SeriesThe Bruins played for the Stanley Cup just 2 years later
What coach was famed for stuffing an LSU fan into a garbage can during the 1981 Final FourHe also coached the 1984 US Olympic team
What Dodgers ace was the 1st pitcher since 1924 to get 3 hits in a World Series gameHe was World Series MVP too
What expansion team set the NBA record for loses to start a season (17) in 1988Rony Seikaly was their 1st ever Pick (9th overall in 1988)
What MLB team posted the best overall record in baseball in 1981, but missed the playoffs due to the strike spawned 'Split Season'Tom Seaver was their top pitcher at 14-2 & Ken Griffey their top batter with .311 Avg
What U.S. men's swimmer won 5 Gold Medals at the 1988 OlympicsOnly Mark Spitz & Michael Phelps have more than his 8 career Olympic Gold Medals in Swimming events
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What 2 Male figure skaters locked horns in the 'Battle of the Brians' at the 1988 Winter Olympics (Enter eithers last name only)One was from the USA and one from Canada
The NY Islanders and Edmonton Oilers each won 4 Cups in the 80's, name either of the other 2 Teams that won a cup in the 80'sEach beat the other to win the Cup
Who skippered the U.S to an America's Cup win over the Aussie yacht Kookaburra III in 1987He also skippered the U.S. to defeat in 1983 to Australia's yacht Australia II
What nation was banned from the 1980 Winter Olympics for refusing to change their flag and anthemWere allowed back in 1984 when they agreed to go by 'Chinese Taipei' rather than 'Republic of China'
What flamboyant skier was dubbed 'La Bomba'Won 2 Golds in 88' Olympics representing Italy, also known for his crush on German Figure Skater Katarina Witt
What 7 foot 7 inch NBA player blocked 397 shots in his rookie season in 1985-86He also beat William 'The Refrigerator' Perry in a 3 round boxing match in 2002
What tennis player won the Grand Slam in 1989 at only 19 years oldThis person would also marry another Tennis Career Grand Slam winner
What A's star hurled the pitch Kirk Gibson hit for a homer to win GAme 1 of the 88' World SeriesHas the same 1st name as the anwer to question 13
Who held the world record in the 100-meter dash after the Seoul OlympicsHe held the record on 2 separate occasions..Leroy Burrell broke his record both times.
What Heavyweight Champ lasted all of 91 seconds with Mike Tyson in 1988His brother was Heavyweight champ as well

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