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This MLB team fired GM Al Campanis after he told Ted Koppel that blacks lacked 'the necessities to be team executives'He was actually good friends and an ex teammate of Jackie Robinson
Which Houston Rockets teammates were known as 'The Twin Towers' Enter both of their 1st or Last names They lost the 86' Finals to the Boston Celtics 4 games to 2
Which NHL Hall of Famer came out of retirement in 1988 to play for the NY RangersOne of only 3 players who unretired after being elected into the Hall of Fame (along with Mario Lemieux & Gordie Howe)
What boxer broke his hand in an early-morning street brawl with heavyweight Mitch GreenThe street fight took place 2 years after Green lost in the ring to this boxer..the fight was over the boxers manager Don King allegedly owing Green some money
Which running back was MVP of the 83' Sugar Bowl, 84' Liberty Bowl & 86' Cotton BowlStill holds the NFL Monday Night Football rushing record of 221 yds in a game (set during his rookie season)
Who was the 1st teenager to be named MVP in the NHLIt was his 1st season in the league, but he didn't win Rookie of the year
What team scored 35 points in the 2nd quarter of the 1988 Super Bowl after falling behind 10-0 to the Denver BroncosThey actually scored 42 unanswered points in total to win 42-10
Which Canadian was the 1st ice skater to land a quadruple jump in competion in 88'Despite winning 4 World Skating Golds the highest he placed in his 3 Olympics was 5th place
Who died in 1989, mere days after banishing Pete Rose from Major League Baseball for lifeHe actually let Pete Rose voluntary withdraw due to his betting on MLB
Who had gone 14 Years without losing a WWF match by pinfall, or submission until Hulk Hogan pinned him in 1987Same year he uttered the line 'Anybody Want a Peanut?'in the cult classic movie The Princess Bride
QuestionAnswerClue/Interesting TidBit
Which NHL Arena hosted the infamous 1988 Stanley Cup game interrupted by fog, then cancelled by power failureDespite the game being cancelled & replayed in its entirety, individual player stats from this partial game counted in players career totals
Which male became the 1st player to win the Junior Grand Slam (All 4 Majors) in Tennis in 1983He went on to nearly complete a Career Grand Slam as a Professional...only failing to win the French Open losing in the Final in 89'
Who led in the final round of all four PGA Grand Slam events in 1986, but went on to win only one of the fourHe won the British Open & unfortunately Never won any of the other 3 majors during his career...with 2nd as his best finish in each
What Major League Baseball team after 98 Years of futility, finally won a World Series in 1980Game 6 (The clinching game) still stands as the Most Watched MLB Game in TV History (54.9 Million viewers)
Who did Martina Navratilova defeat in 10 Grand Slam singles tennis finalsDespite losing 10 Times...she actually won their 1st and Last Grand Slam Final meeting (she won 4 against Martina in Total)
Who was Michael Jordan's College coachCoached North Carolina to 879 victories before his 1997 retirement...Tops All-Time at that point
Which Swedish star became the 1st European selected 1st Overall by Quebec in the 1989 NHL DraftHe was traded to Toronto for another former #1 Overall pick in 1994
Which Milwaukee Brewer had a 39 game hit streak, the longest of the 80'sThis marks the 7th longest streak in history and no one has had a longer streak since
Who coached the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team to an unexpected GoldThe US were ranked 7th of the 12 teams competing coming into the Olympics
Which MLB player had 200 or more hits for a record 7 straight seasons in the 80'sThis record was broken by Ichiro Suzuki who had 10 consecutive 200+ hit seasons between 2001-2010

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