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QuestionAnswerExtra Hint...
1st Letter in the Greek AlphabetIf you're a male one of these, you tend to assume a dominant or domineering role in social or professional situations
1st Boxer to beat Muhammad Ali in a Professional boxing match 1971...the line 'DOWN GOES 'the anwer to this question'' was not uttered in this fight
1st College or University Founded in the USA1636...just for Braniacs
1st Name of Kramer on the Tv Show Seinfeldadd Naut after this name and its a term for Russian Astronaut
1st Man in Space1961...He would be considered a #4 Extra Hint (1st or Last name is fine)
1st Wife of Michael Jackson1994...Had a daddy even more famous than Michael
1st Bon Jovi Billboard Hot 100 #1 also were to blame for shooting me through the heart
1st Guest on Late Night with David Letterman1982...just before he was Slimed on the Big Screen
1st Planet from the SunAlso a term for Liquid Silver
1st Prime Minister of Canada1867..was old but he didn't have a farm
QuestionAnswerExtra Hint...
1st digit in the Number 'Pi'followed by .14159265359 (spell the number)
1st Race of Horse Racings 'Triple Crown'Known as the Run for the Roses
1st Country to host the Modern Day Winter Olympics1924..Same country to host the 1st Modern Day Summer Olympics after Greece
1st Drummer of 'The Beatles'Definitely not the Worst drummer...
1st Underground Railway was in which Country1863...Known as 'The Tube' in this country
1st World Cup of Soccer/Football Champion Country1930...It's in South America
1st Host of the Tv Show Family Feud1976...While not a true Hero..he was one of Hogan's
1st Ingredient to a Big Mac (according to commercial)It's multiple meat
1st George A. Romero Zombie Movie1968...NOT day/dawn/
1st movie Sylvester Stallone was nominated for an Academy Award1976...Though he didn't win, Adrian was impressed he was even a Contender
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