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Can you name these videogames from their common, but verbose descriptions?

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In this 2013 summer blockbuster, Troy Baker is the lead, a gruff hired gun tasked with transporting a special young girl who has no real experience with the harsh outside world.
This color-coded Game Boy Advance game is part of a long running series that the original developer lost the rights to. It features a villian from a different but similar franchise
This open world action game was first released on PS3 in summer 2009. It features a super-powered protaganist, and is set in a sprawling city suffering from a crippling plauge.
This 4-player 2008 music game features the tracks 'Everlong', 'Go Your Own Way', 'Float On','Mountain Song', 'The Kill','American Woman','Ramblin' Man', 'One Way or Another'...
This 2008 game, a highly anticipated sequel in a series with major nuclear themes, begins with a monologue about the nature of war and whether or not it changes.
This installment of a PS3 trilogy is the only one to feature time travel and has a playable lead who is the last of his kind.
In this game, a blue robot with the power to absorb abilities of other robots is sent out to fight a series of eight rouge robots sent out by the main villian.

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