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Which KI character...Answer
...has a government name of 'Ben Ferris'? helpless against an artifact called the Mask of the Ancients?
...once had a No Mercy where a car fell onto the opponent?
...arrived on Earth to retrieve a stolen Power Core?
...relies on Temperance and Vengeance to carry out his/her monster hunter duties?
...wields a naginata to aid him/her in combat?
...wields a heavy blade called 'Warg-gram'?
...puts a flower on his/her opponent's grave as a victory pose?
...once had a No Mercy where bats were summoned to eat the opponent?
...has an ending in the original KI that parodies Blanka's ending from Street Fighter II?
...can summon Speeder Bikes in his/her Instinct mode?
...received a cybernetic upgrade in the reboot, not unlike the person who defeated him/her in the original KI? the only character capable of executing an ultimate in the KI reboot?
Which KI character...Answer well known for his/her Flik Flak combo opener?
...has a dragon for a bestie?
...uses his/her trusty energy sword to put a 'halo' on the opponent's head?
...refers to self as the 'Herald of Gargos'?
...relies on his/her 'Sammamish' attack to keep airborne foes grounded? a prototype based on Eagle's intelligence?
...uses 'Evolve or die. Make your choice.' as an entrance quote? a former member of the Night Guard and was thought to have been killed?
...famously asked 'Is that all you got, Ultratech?' in his/her reveal trailer?
...has a special attack known as 'Swarm'?
...was part of the insurgent group known as the 'Red Eyes of Rylai'?
...deceived the game's male protagonist into thinking he/she was a tiger spirit?

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