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Name Band NameClue
PearlShe's sticky
LizzyHer diet works
AliceAlice has a hardcore kinky side
JeffersonProbably a member of the mile high club
JudasHe will never get married
CharlotteShe's well behaved
BenjaminHe'll need some TLC after this
JakeNot as much as him
JacksonThey're a real handful
DestinyDestiny is her mother
GraceApparently the same amount of time it took Jesus to stand up
RexLike the dinosaur
JaneShe has a substance problem
FredFred might be giving someone directions
EzraEzra's not the best
WayneThink of pretty decorated structures that will get you wet
FrankieWants to see if he/she can make it as an actress/actor
FlorenceCertain medicines will warn Florence not to operate it
FloydIt's like red, but not quite...
AbelThere was a rescue mission
Name Band NameClue
LeonThey rule!
MacI think it's a town in England. sounds more like something that floats to me
DanI wonder if he's anything like Ironman
FaithSounds like they've had enough of this
RickyRicky is easy on the eyes
JoySplitting Joy up in pieces
HueyHuey is up to date on current affairs
MikeMike has car trouble
MarcyLove getting pushed on the swings here
IsabelleIt might be her birthday
EveSuch a narcissist
PennyPenny gives great advice
HanleyIf it works, she's going to jail for a crime she didnt commit
CleoShe gets a lot of mail
MichaelHe's takes lessons
JimmyHe must be exceptionally hungry
DexyThey go jogging at 24:00
DickHe must have problems with his sight because of that
RaySuch a sweet guy

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