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Which of the two islands are bigger: Trinidad or Tobago?
The year Europeans discovered Trinidad.
The European explorer credited with discovering Trinidad.
The year Trinidad and Tobago was formally ceded to Britain
Name one of the two largest ethnic groups in the country.
Trinidad and Tobago was the first country in the world to recognize one of these two events with public holidays.
What is the capital of Trinidad?
What is the capital of Tobago
What sea is the nation located in?
What is the geographically closest country to Trinidad and Tobago?
What musical instrument was invented in Trinidad and Tobago?
What type of dance, involving poles, was invented in Trinidad and Tobago?
Name one of the musical genres Trinidad and Tobago is most well known for.
What is the name of the annual pre-Lenten festival occuring in the country?
What is the official language of Trinidad and Tobago?
Name a Nobel Prize winner who was born in Trinidad.
Name one of the country's national colours.
What is the national bird of Trinidad?
The largest one of these in the world is located in Trinidad and Tobago.
What is the largest industry in Tobago?
What is the country's national airline (formerly BWIA)
In 2010, Caribbean Airlines acquired this airline.
In 1958, Trinidad and Tobago were among the founding members of what federation?
What year did Trinidad and Tobago gain independence?
Who was the country's first prime minister?
What political event occurred in Trinidad and Tobago in 1970?
What political event occured in Trinidad and Tobago in 1990?
Name one of the two largest political parties in Trinidad and Tobago.
What is the title of the country's head of state?
What is the landmark building where Parliament takes place called?
Who is the current Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago? (elected in 2010)
Renowned Afro-Trinidadian who was a prominent figure in the American Civil Rights movement, and 'Honorary Prime Minister' of the Black Panther Party.
The name of Michael Jackson's last doctor. (he possesses Trinidadian citizenship)

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