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QuotesA for Angel & B for Booth
You don't really have an inferiority complex. You're just simply inferior
She'll do it. She'll squat down right here on the lawn.
You're an airplane propeller and I'm about to walk into you, so I'm going to step back.
Am I intimidating? I mean, do I put people off
It’s like pornography; you'll know it when you see it.
Not to go all schoolyard on you, but you hit me first
I don’t dance.
We're Scully and Mulder.
Seriously, you didn't know how that was gonna end?
Just because you say it in that definitive tone doesn't mean it means anything to me.
QuotesA for Angel & B for Booth
We're gonna need a cage.
I really don't like it when people shoot me.
Don't we have some stabbing to do?
I had to sing Barry Manilow.
You know, if you had a pet pig, what would you name him?
You screw with me, and you screw with me, and you screw with me. And now, I get to screw with you!
Well, not to go all schoolyard on you, but you hit me first.
I have enough Bibles, thank you, but try next door.
I tried all the dumb guy normal stuff, okay?
I don't want to share my feelings, I don't want to open up. I want to find the guy that killed Tina, and I want to look him in the eye. Then, I'm going to share my feelings.

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