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It is the default class, available from the beginning.
Although they are only able to equip claws and knuckles, they are highly adept at using their bare hands in combat.
Able to steal items from the enemy or assist the party in escaping from combat.
Use a wide assortment of weapons, and both Black and White Magic, but are unable to become true masters of either school of wizardry.
Having focused all their training on physical combat, they are unable to use any magic.
Excel in attacking enemies with offensive Black Magic.
Excel in assisting the party with defensive and restorative White Magic.
Also known as Hunter or Archer, are expensive to buy arrows for
Are able to analyze an enemy's HP and any existing weakness, they also use the mystical know-how of ancient tomes to damage enemies.
They are dependable allies who can defend themselves, as well as shield fellow party members during harsh ordeals,considered a powered up version of the Warrior job.
Are able to attack by tuning in to their natural surroundings and drawing out the latent powers around them.
Wield spears in battle and are highly skilled against aerial foes, they are renowned for their ability to launch deadly attacks from above.
Mainly used as a 'tank' for their Provoke ability and access to the strongest armor.
The dark blades they wield are very effective against monsters that divide and multiply.
Evokers can summon powerful beings into battle. Each possesses a direct attack (Black) and an indirect effect (White).
Use their Sing ability to support their allies.
They are capable of linking their mind and body to store energy for an upcoming strike,considered to be a powered up version of the Monk job
Can cast all White Magic spells, they also possess higher MP for high-level White Magic,considered to be a powered-up version of the White Mage job.
Can cast all Black Magic spells, they also possess higher MP for high-level Black Magic,basically a powered up version of the Black Mage Job.
Considered to be a powered up version of the Evoker job.
Is considered to be a powered-up version of the Red Mage job, but it lacks the physical offense signature of a Red Mage in exchange for focusing on Black and White arts.
Can deal massive damage by throwing weapons and specialized projectiles at the enemy,considered to be a powered up version of the Dark Knight.

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