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Forced Order
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'He was the first that ever bore arms...The scripture says Adam digged. Could he dig without arms?'
'Why may not that be the skull of a lawyer...Why does he suffer this mad knave now to knock him.'
'What man dost thou dig for?' 'For no man, sir' 'What woman then?' 'For none, neither.' 'Who is to be buried in 't?'
'Dost thou think Alexander looked o' this fashion i' th' earth?'
'Her death was doubtful, and, but that great command o'ersways the order, she should in ground unsanctified been lodged.'
'And from her fair and unpolluted flesh may violets spring.'
'Forty thousand brothers could not with all their quantity of love make up my sum.'
'Rashly-and praised be rashness for it'
'Does it not, think thee, stand me now upon- he that hath killed my king and whored my mother.'
'This lapwing runs away with the shell on his head.'
'You will lose, my lord.'
'Hamlet does it not; Hamlet denies it. Who does it, then? His madness.'
'The Queen carouses to thy fortune, Hamlet.'
O proud Death, what feast is toward in thine internal cell that thou so many princes at a shot so bloodily has struck?'
'Such a sight as this becomes the field but here shows much amiss. Go bid the soldiers shoot.'

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