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What year did law and order:svu start?
What does SVU stand for?
What actor plays Fin Tutuola?
Christopher Meloni plays what character is law and order:svu?
Who is the characters partner?
Who is Fins partner?
Who wrote law and order:svu?
What network is law and ordere:svu on?
Who is their captain?
What is his real name?
Who left svu in the episode smoked?
Who died in the episode smoked?
What crimes do their investigate?
How many children did Elliot have?
How many years was he married to his wife?
Who was the product of rape?
Who out of Elliots daughter was found naked in someones shower?
What sentence did she get?
In the episode 'sugar' what did the man get stabbed with?
Who stabbed the man?
In zebra who stabbed Ryan O'Halloran
Why did he stab Ryan o'Halloran?
Who did Dale torture?
Who saved Elliot?
How did Olivia know that Elliot needed saving?

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