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Forced Order
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What is Jamie's full name?
What the actors name who plays Jamie?
Can you name one of Jamie's Nicknames?
What was Jamie's alias name when he was uncover?
What is Jamie's Occupation?
Who is Jamie's current partner?
What was Jamie's parents names?
What was the name of the first episode Jamie appeared in?
What was Jamie's bad habit when he was younger?
What precinct was Jamie assigned?
When Jamie was approached by the FBI about a fraternal organisation. This organisation is better known as what to the NYPD?
What was Jamie's fiancee called?
What is Jamie's badge number?
What sports teams does Jamie support?
What was Jamie's lowest grade?
What subject did he get the lowest grade on?
Can you name one of Jamie's Favourite food?
What brother was Jamie closest to?
What brother does Jamie have weekly basketball games with?
What is Jamie's sister called?
What partner of Jamie's was shot and killed when they were ambushed?
Who was Jamie's first partner?
How many partners has Jamie had?
When Jamie saved a baby from a burning building, who took credit for saving the baby?
What was the episode called where Jamie was undercover in a boiler room?

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