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The Deaths Of Emmerdale

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Strangled By Jim Latimer1973
Cervical Fracture After Falling Out Of Window1973
Brain Haemorrhage1973
Pneumonia 1975
Car Accident1976
Car Accident1976
Car Accident1976
Suicide By Gun Shot1977
Heart Attack 1980
Tractor Accident1981
Natural Causes1984
Murdered By Derek Warner1986
Car Accident1986
Natural Causes1987
Hit By A Tree1988
Gored By A Bull1989
Accidental Gun Shot Wound1989
Ran Over By Kate Sugden1990
Natural Causes1991
Heart Attack 1991
Plane Crash1993
Plane Crash1993
Plane Crash 1993
Car Accident During Plane Crash1993
Shot By Reg Dawson1994
Shot By Reg Dawson1994
Shot By Marksman1994
Heart Defect1994
Natural Causes1994
Car Accident1995
Car Accident1995
Shot By Nick Bates While Poaching1996
Heart Attack1996
Injuries Substained From Fire1996
Huntington's Disease1997
Heart Attack1997
Brain Haemorrhage 1997
Car Accident1997
Fell Off Roof1998
From Injuries Sustained After Falling Against A Fridge Cabinet During Robbery1998
Pushed off cliff by Graham Clark1999
Shot By Zoe Tate1999
Car Accident2000
Bus Crash2000
Bus Crash2000
Bus Crash2000
Bus Crash2000
Barn Fire2000
Run Over By Marc Reynolds 2001
Natural Causes2002
Stabbed By Ray Mullan2002
Heart Attack2002
Natural Causes2002
Car Accident2002
Car Accident2002
Natural Causes2002
Hit With A Vase By Louise Appleton 2002
Suicide By Poisoning2003
Crushed By Falling Bricks2004
Fell Off Roof2004
Heart Attack2004
Car Explosion2005
Heart Attack2005
Car Accident2006
Hit With A Fire Extinguisher By Adam Forsythe 2006
House Collapse 2006
House Collapse 2006
House Collapse 2006
Assisted Suicide By Sam Dingle2006
Suicide By Hanging2006
Pushed Out Of Window By Carl King2006
Heart Attack2007
Natural Causes2007
Ran Over2007
Suicide By Gunshot2007
Cot Death2008
Heart Attack2008
Hit With Chair Leg By Jasmine Thomas2008
Car Accident2008
Heart Attack2009
Shot by Natasha Wylde 2010
Fire started by Nick Henshall 2011
Fire started by Nick Henshall 2011
Suicide By Gunshot2011
Assisted Suicide2011
Car Accident2011
Car Accident2012
Hit By A Brick 2012
Murdered By Cameron Murray2012
Suffocated By Cameron Murray2013
Natural Causes2013
Brain Death2014
Jumped From Multi-Storey Car Park 2014
Hand Cuffed and Fell From Multi-Storey Car Park 2014
Hit By Flame2014
Fell Through Floorboards2015
Heart Problems2015
Helicopter Crash- Injuries To Stomach2015
Helicopter Crash- Falling Shard Of Glass2015
Heart Attack2015
Ran Over By Kirin Kotecha 2016
Ovarian Cancer 2016
Suicide By Hanging 2016
Lung Infection2016
Heroin Overdose2016
Falling Over Bridge2016
Cardiac Arrest2017
Cardiac Arrest By Shot To The Stomach2017
Jumped Off Bridge2017

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