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Can you name the villains and heroes of the King's Quest games?

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Prone to...Character
Kidnapping baby boys for use as slaves
Kidnapping grown women for use as slaves
Wearing scarves and saying 'Zounds!'
Being enslaved without knowing his true destiny as a scarf-wearer
Crying at the sight of a hair comb
Murder, treason, imprisonment, and fake-marrying a genie
Speaking in stilted English and being a lame commoner
Prone to...Character
Helping dead people
Stealing canaries and locking people away in a rainbow fantasy land
Terrorizing Daventry from her home base in a gingerbread house
Kidnapping baby boys for use as green-skinned fake sons
Creating maniacal plans to destroy the world via volcano
Breaking magical masks and not being remembered by anyone
Saving assorted strangers, maidens, realms, family members, animals, insects, and vegetation - all while wearing a jaunty cap

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