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Can you name the three-letter words in this Super Smash Bros. word ladder?

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Clue3-Letter Word
SSB character, expert vulpine pilot; ___ McCloud
MLB's Boston Red ___
Salty, fermented sauce usually used in fish
SSB character, swordsman in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
Thin beam of light
Piece of torn or waste cloth
Thick fabric for covering part of the floor
To regret
Widely cultivated cereal grass
SSB character, martial artist from Street Fighter
Sweetfish species in East Asia
An affirmative vote
Playing card with one spot
SSB character(s), a parka-wearing duo with mallets; ___ Climbers
SSB character, swordsman in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Small, four-stringed guitar
To put into action
In statistics, this measures the average of the squares of the errors
Three Stooges actor, '___ Howard'
Clue3-Letter Word
Poet 'Edgar Allen ___'
Fruit baked in a crust
SSB character, Kid Icarus angel with a sacred bow
To impose or assign
A bar or tavern
Move one's hand repeatedly back and forth on a surface
SSB character, robotic accessory for the NES
An angry crowd
A stick for washing floors
A geographical drawing
SSB character, boxing champion with a short stature; Little ___
SSB character, with [Rung 33], circular yellow guy
Broad, metal container used for cooking
SSB character, with [Rung 31], circular yellow guy
Abbreviation for sixty seconds
SSB character, personal avatar for Nintendo games
SSB character, fitness instructor; [Rung 36] [Last Rung] Trainer
Ability to make clever remarks
SSB character, fitness instructor; [Rung 36] [Last Rung] Trainer

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