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Can you name the 4-letter words in this Settlers of Catan (Die Siedler von Catan) word ladder?

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Clue4-Letter WordRung
✯Having the most knights wins Largest ____✯1
Upper limbs of humans2
Points at a target3
Basketball goals have these circular edges4
'___ of the Ancient Mariner'5
To laugh, in French6
To look after with 'for'8
✯Ore, wheat, & [Rung 26] earns a Development ____✯9
Firm or solid10
A stag or male deer11
A portion12
✯Building by the sea usually gets this✯13
Strengthened place for military defense14
38th U.S. President, Gerald ____15
Bend material over itself16
Communicated information17
Frog-like amphibian18
✯Having brick and [Rung 25] earns this✯19
Reddish-brown color found in some horses20
Money borrowed, usually with interest21
Clue4-Letter WordRung
A duck-sized diving bird22
Body that revolves around a planet23
State of mind24
✯One of the resources; Lumber✯25
✯One of the resources; Soft, curly hair of sheep✯26
Silly person27
Bottom part of the leg28
To start up a computer29
A small watercraft30
Defeat someone in a game31
Edible seed of some plants32
A goat or sheep giving birth33
✯____ of Plenty gives a player any two resources✯34
Large, heavy mammal with shaggy fur35
Mild alcoholic drink brewed from hops36
Winged insects that make honey37
Gamblers frequently make these38
Small pieces39
To sink teeth into40
Quote something for justification41
✯Having two wheat and three ore earns this✯42

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