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Can you name whether or not these two Super Smash Bros. characters can fight in a certain stage?

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SituationFight (F) or No (N)
R.O.B. vs. Greninja: Summit
Bayonetta vs. Villager: Fountain of Dreams
Duck Hunt vs. Olimar: Frigate Orpheon
Toad vs. Yoshi: Pokémon Stadium
Lucas vs. Jigglypuff: Corneria
Pichu vs. Mr. Game & Watch: Kongo Jungle
Lucario vs. King Dedede: Hanenbow
Falco vs. Rosalina & Luma: Garden of Hope
Wario vs. Little Mac: Green Hill Zone
Toon Link vs. Mega Man: Onett
Wolf vs. Zelda: Big Battlefield
Bowser Jr. vs. Ness: Yoshi's Story
Pit vs. Young Link: Luigi's Mansion
Pokémon Trainer vs. Samus: Skyloft
Luigi vs. Wolf: Big Blue
Pikachu vs. Kirby: Sector Z
SituationFight (F) or No (N)
Fox vs. Dark Pit: Mushroom Kingdom
Pac-Man vs. Link: Flat Zone X
Lucina vs. Mii Gunner: Pokémon Stadium II
Robin vs. Sonic: Great Bay
Bowser vs. Mario: Saffron City
Charizard vs. Marth: Venom
Mii Brawler vs. Pac-Man: PictoChat
Corrin vs. Diddy Kong: Smashville
Peach vs. Donkey Kong: Bridge of Gerudo
Ganondorf vs. Sheik: Pac-Maze
Dr. Mario vs. Ice Climbers: Mute City
Wii Fit Trainer vs. Ryu: Boxing Ring
Meta Knight vs. Shulk: Planet Zebes
Mewtwo vs. Captain Falcon: Midgar
Roy vs. Ike: Green Greens
Cloud vs. Mii Swordfighter: Pirate Ship

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