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Can you name the Top 10 Spongebob Blunder Episodes?

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#1Spongebob Unlocked King Neptune's Son Triton from the cage.
#2Spongebob shrunk all of his pants.
#3Spongebob lost his nametag.
#4Spongebob gets stuck in his wringer.
#5Spongebob get a 'Sun Bleach' tan.
#6Spongebob gets a black eye while trying to open his toothpaste.
#7Spongebob and Patrick unleash the evil Doodlebob to Bikini Bottom.
#8Spongebob injures his butt, while sandboarding with Sandy and Patrick.
#9Spongebob and Patrick play with the hooks, even when Mr. Krabs tells them not to, and they get hooked.
#10Spongebob and Patrick pop the world's oldest living bubble in Atlantis.

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