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TV Movie where SpongeBob and the gang, travel to AtlantisA
The city where SpongeBob and other characters liveB
Plankton's restaurantC
What SpongeBob has never gotten at Mrs. Puff's Boating SchoolD
Mr. Krabs' first nameE
Green ghost pirateF
SpongeBob's snailG
Episode where SpongeBob is trying to get a job at Mr. Krabs' restaurant and tons of anchovies invadeH
The super heroes' vehicleI
Game that SpongeBob loves to play with Patrick and requires a netJ
Mr. Krabs' restaurantK
Muscular lobster lifeguardL
Super hero and Barnacle Boy is his sidekickM
King of the seaN
Elderly green fishO
SpongeBob's homeP
In the episode Bubblestand, it costs this much for bubble lessons for beginnersQ
Patrick's homeR
A female squirrel from TexasS
Squidward's last nameT
F.U.N. Song, F is for Friends who do stuff together. U is for ...U
Episode where SpongeBob tries to get the best present for Patrick on February 14 at the carnivalV
Pearl is this animalW
In the episode Arrgh!, SpongeBob and Patrick play a board game called Treasure Hunt whose object is to get to the ___X
Episode where SpongeBob forgot how to tie his shoesY
In the episode Once Bitten, Mad Snail Disease is an infection that turns anyone bitten into a ___Z

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