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Can you name the SpongeBob SquarePants episodes in which a character is shown going out of the water?

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SpongeBob's reef blower sucks up all the surrounding water, causing SpongeBob and Squidward to be on the ocean floor with no water
SpongeBob and Patrick steal Sandy's rocket as they travel around the moon and back
SpongeBob and Patrick send Squidward to the 'Great Beyond' by blowing a bubble around him
Squidward breaks the lever to a futuristic time machine and is lost between dimensions alone
SpongeBob falls out of a plane, as he skydives with Sandy in her dream
Hans gives SpongeBob the 'sponge' treatment' involving washing cars, human feet, etc.
A sea monster spits SpongeBob out of the water and he hits the portrait of Painty the Pirate
Patrick jumps out of the water to tell the island that he's won an award
Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward go up to the surface after challenged by Sandy, and they are attacked by sea gulls
SpongeBob and Patrick escape from their room on The Flying Dutchman's ship by going through the 'perfume department'
Plankton goes through a hole of space and time using his Switch-Lives-Just-To-Know-What-It's-Like-O-Mogrifier
SpongeBob and Patrick are abducted by the 'cyclops' and he takes them to Shell City above the surface
While SpongeBob and Patrick are invisible, they scare Sandy, causing her to flee to Texas using a miniature rocket
While SpongeBob is crawling on a driving course, he gets a pebble stuck to his hand, rolls out of control, accelerates up a hill, and sails above the water
Mr. Krabs wishes that he was steamed and served with a side of butter, he is then magically teleported to a dinner table, as the meal
SpongeBob and Patrick ride the Fiery Fist of Pain at Glove World, and the track goes above the water at its highest point
SpongeBob blows bubbles for him and his asleep friends, to rescue Sandy from a rodeo in Texas
SpongeBob climbs aboard Sandy's rocketship to give her a Bon voyage cake, but the ship launches with SpongeBob in it, and flies to the moon

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