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QUIZ: Can you name the words to these NFL-themed word ladders?

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Word Ladder #1 - 4 letters
First name of current NFL Falcons QB 
The study of numbers 
Process of washing the body 
To flutter its wings and to escape 
Sink teeth into 
Religious ceremony or act 
A routine 
Capital of Italy 
A rounded vault forming the roof 
Mexican pop singer 'Mario ____' 
Condemn to certain destruction 
A portion of space within a building 
To move about or travel aimlessly 
Having a chestnut, bay, or sorrel coat 
Last name of current NFL Falcon QB 
Word Ladder #2 - 4 letters
NFL team, 'New [first rung] [last rung]' 
The flesh of hogs used as meat 
A city where ships load and unload 
The starting gate at a racetrack 
A destructive insect 
Structure made by a bird to lay eggs 
Small salamander 
Recent events 
NBA team, 'New Jersey ____'  
NFL team, 'New [first rung] [last rung]' 
Word Ladder #3 - 4 letters
First name of current NFL Eagles QB 
That belonging to me 
Eat dinner 
Small spotted cubes for board games 
An evil habit or practice 
Last name of current NFL Eagles QB 
Word Ladder #4 - 3 letters
NFL Conference 
Duke and UNC's NCAA Conference 
To accomplish with complete success 
A non-religious alternative to the use of B.C. 
A flying insect that produces honey 
An act of risking money by gambling 
A bag of thread to catch objects 
RMU and Long Island's NCAA Conference 
NFL Conference 

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