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Clue4-Letter Word
Brain container or the foam atop a glass of beer
To pay careful attention
Unwanted plant in a lawn
To join together two pieces of metal via heating them
A natural spring
To narrate or report
Of great stature
Appendage attached to the rear of some animals
To be unsuccessful
Shiny material wrapped around preserved food
A silly person
A screwdriver or a hammer, e.g.
An animated character
Nocturnal mammal with black-ringed tail, for short
Piece of money referred to as 'change'
To wind in a spiral
Clue4-Letter Word
Moderately chilly
Game played with sticks and a cue ball
A study conducted of likely voting trends
A capsule of medicine
A bird's beak
Ringer in a church tower
A strip of leather worn around the waist
Sharply curved
The smallest value of US currency
To be unable to do something
A rapid, heavy breath
One-eighth of a gallon
Location where money is created
'What's yours is ___'
To eat at a restaurant
Stamped metal piece worth one-tenth of a dollar

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