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Can you name the four-letter words in this 'fishy' word ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Word
Various cold-blooded, aquatic vertebrates
Clenched hand
An aquarium ____er strains out particles in the tank
To make full
Breathing organ of a [First Rung]
To make something better than it is
The most common household pet [First Rung]
Pod of cotton
A nice place to put one pet [First Rung]
Bubble up in vapor by heating
Thin sheet of metal
Did not succeed
A loud sad cry
The John ____ Dance
Go on foot at a moderate speed
A Scotish word meaning work
Moderately hot
What some people use as bait to catch [First Rung]
To have carried on the body
Small opening, for absorbing and discharging liquids
Clue4-Letter Word
What should be in your hands as you catch [First Rung]
Cornmeal bread
A nice small place to catch [First Rung]
Having a liking
Winglike, membranous organs on a [First Rung]
Ten of these together in a bowling lane
The main color of salmon
Fall beneath the surface of water
Thread of soft fiber
Bottom of a door frame
Offer for sale
Sea mammal and predator of [First Rung]
Mystic River actor, ____ Penn
Line where two pieces are welded together
Shut a door with force
Long and thin
How [First Rung] transportate
Wedge for filling space
Some [First Rung] aquariums have a castle or a sunken ____

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