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Can you name the Two Smallville guest stars that fit the hint?

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HintAnswerSmallville Character Name
Name a WWE male superstars to appearTitan
Name the other WWE SuperstarAldar
Name a star of the Original Beverly Hills 90210 to appearLinda Lake
Name the other 90210 guest starJohn Corben
Name one of two Home Improvement star to appearEric Marsh
Name the other Home Improvement StarIan Randall
Name one of two stars of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman Ella Lane
Name the other star Of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman to appearDr. Curtis Knox
HintAnswerSmallville Character Name
Name One of the Vampire Diaries to co-starAdam Knight
Name the other Vampire Diaries starLucas Luthor
First name of an Ashmore BrotherJimmy Olsen
First name of the other AshmoreEric Summers
Name one of the Stars of the 1978 Superman to appear in SmallvilleDr. Virgil Swann
Name the other star of the 1978 movie SupermanBridgette Crosby
Name one of the stars of Eureka to appear in SmallvilleToyman/ Winslow Schott
Name another star of Eureka to appear?Dr. Steven Hamilton

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