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Oliver fights many one or two episode bad boys. Could you name the ones from season 1 and 2?

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Forced Order
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Episode TitleVillianHint
'Pilot'First guy Oliver takes on
'Honor Thy Father'Laurel is also prosecuting this guy.
'Lone Gunmen'Killed Digg's brother
'An Innocent Man'Oliver helps Laurel out with this one.
'Damaged' Drug dealer who Diggle dresses up as the vigilante to catch.
'Legacies'A whole family of criminals (only husbands name is necessary)
'Muse of Fire'Oliver's Psyco ex-girlfriend hell-bent on killing her father for revenge
'Years End'Is a lot like the Arrow.
'Burned'I think the episode title gives enough away, don't you?
'Trust But Verify'War buddy of Digg's
'____' (Sorry, the name of the villain is also the name of the episode)This guy has a thing for syringes...
'____' (Once again, this guy got an episode named after him)Likes tasers and bombs.
'The Huntress Returns'This one is pretty easy, don't you think?
'Salvation'Kills people in a subway. Almost gets Roy too...
'Unfinished Business'Not exactly who Oliver thinks is behind it...
'Home Invasion'Leaves a little boy an orphan.
'Sacrifice' He could be a magician.
Episode TitleVillianHint
'City of Heros'Their a bunch of ________. Oliver takes them down after they kidnap Thea.
'Identity'Two villains teamed up. Oddly enough, they both like colors.
'Broken Dolls'This guys just sort of creepy.
'Crucible'He rules the Glades.
'League of Assassins'Sara says his name like once, so if you don't remember it, look to the episode title for a hint of what to put.
'State vs Queen'Still has a thing for syringes.
'The Scientist'Wears a creepy mask.
'Three Ghosts'Super strong guy, friend of a certain man who's last name is a bodily fluid.
'Blast Radius'Later becomes member of the Suicide Squad.
'Blind Spot'He has the perfect name for a vampire.
'Tremors'Is also a member of the Suicide Squad later on.
'Heir to the Demon'Really? Do you need a hint?
'Time of Death'*cough* TIME *cough*
'The Promise'Made a promise to Oliver... and is back to see it fulfilled.
'Birds of Prey'Sara totally kicks her ass.
'Deathstroke'Not exactly who you might think, but I didn't want to put down Slade twice.
'Seeing Red'Okay, I'll admit. This guys not really a villain, but I felt he needs to be here.

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