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LyricsLyricsNumber of Words
Turn my mic up louder5
Lightweight step it aside 3
Feel it in your chest 4
People on the streets5
Words on loose leaf sheet2
I jump on my mind6
Healing the blind7
Sick of the dark ways6
jump when they tell us5
**** that I wanna 4
Risk something4
Say something that you6
Cause I'm sick7
Like its stupid standing for4
like this war's really6
like it doesn't cater the rich3
like they understand you in the back of the jet8
and these **** are 6
and cashing the check6
and to have some respect5
in an obvious way 3
for nightly news to replay6
watching at the end of the day5
LyricsLyricsNumber of Words
like 'What did he say?' 1
In my living room watching4
cause when it gets tense5
The world is cold5
Have to react or get 3
Ten years old its something to see8
Taken and bound and found4
I wonder if he had thought 6
Do you see the soldiers3
to brush the dust 5
its ironic at times like this you pray8
There's bombs on the buses,2
inside your 5
My dad he's got a lot of fear I know9
My brother had a book he would hold with pride8
On the back he hand wrote a quote inside10
Meanwhile the leader just talks away3
for nightly news to replay7
at the end of the day4
like 'What did he say?' 1
With hands held high4
as the ocean opens up 3

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