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Can you name the answers to these questions about President Obama's agenda?

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What was the name of the $787 billion fiscal stimulus bill passed by Congress in February?
The largest provision of the stimulus program was $288 billion for what purpose?
What Bush administration program was extended, and then expanded to aid the failing auto industry?
What controversial product was finally put under federal regulation by the Food and Drug Administration?
New consumer protections in what financial industry go into effect on February 22, 2010?
A 'cap-and-trade' bill passed in the House aims to reduce CO2 emissions by what percetange of 2005 levels by 2020, in line with the president's Copenhagen pledge?
The president ordered the closure of what military prison facility via executive order?
Bills for health care reform include consumer protection, exchanges, subsidies, an expansion of Medicaid, and what feature designed to achieve universal converage?
What feature of the House health care bill was cut from the Senate bill to ensure its passage due to resistance from several conservative Democrats?
Financial reform plans include higher capital requirements, regulation of derivatives, federal authority to seize and break up failing banks, and what new agency?
The president and his Russian counterpart have been negotiating the START II treaty to substantially reduce American and Russian stockpiles of what?
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In December 2009, the administration revealed its plans for Afghanistan, including a counter-insurgency strategy, an exit plan, and an increase of how many troops?
Withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq will be completed by August 2010, while up to 50,000 troops may remain until the end of what year to train Iraqi forces?
The president unveiled federal loans to construct the first new nuclear power plants in three decades in which state?
In 2009, Obama reached out to European allies alienated by Bush policies, declared that the US 'was not at war with Islam' in Cairo, and 'hit the reset button' with what country?
Record budget deficits have prompted plans for budget cuts, health reform, a deficit commission, a spending freeze, and tax increases for families earning over what amount?
To help long-term job creation, the president has vowed to double both alternative energy production and what else by 2012?
In his first State of the Union address, Obama called for a repeal of what policy that bars homosexuals from serving openly in the military?
Hate crime laws were expanded to protect what group of people in October 2009?
What is the name of the Obama family's dog?
After a nuclear fuel swap deal was rejected by Iran, President Obama has led the international push for what measures against Iran?

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