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Wikipedia ExcerptCountry
The area was explored by Vasco da Gama in 1498 and colonized by Portugal in 1505. [Country] became independent in 1975, and became the People's Republic of [Country] shortly after.
Throughout history, [Country's] location has given it great strategic importance, and a sequence of powers including the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Fatimids, Sicilians ...
[Country] was the first successful attempt to establish a democratic and secular republic in the Muslim world.
The Milonga dance was a predecessor, slowly evolving into modern tango. By the 1930s, tango had changed from a dance-focused music to one of lyric and poetry, with singers ...
The settlers regarded Africa as a 'Promised Land', but they did not integrate into African society. Once in Africa, they referred to themselves as Americans.
The terrain consists of mountains and gently rolling hills, with plains and swamps in the east. Abundant wildlife, including rare mountain gorillas, have led to a fast-growing ...
Slavery, established to run sugar plantations around 1684, was abolished in 1834. The British ruled from 1632 to 1981, with a brief French interlude in 1666.
In the meantime, during the first decade of French colonial rule (c. 1900–1910), the rulers of African states in the Ubangi-Shari region increased their slave raiding activities.
Its coast was settled by Phoenicians starting as early as the 10th century BC. The city of Carthage was founded in the 9th century BC by settlers from Tyre ...
In 1956, the Atomic Energy Commission regarded the [Country] as 'by far the most contaminated place in the world'. Nuclear claims between the U.S. and [Country] are ongoing ...
Wikipedia ExcerptCountry
[Country] dress strictly follows the principles of hijab. The predominantly loose and flowing, but covering, garments are suited to [Country's] desert climate.
Inhabited by Taínos since the 7th century, the territory of [Country] was reached by Christopher Columbus in 1492 and became the site of the first permanent European ...
A November 1993 survey by the Cultural Affairs Agency found that more [Country residents] had sung karaoke that year than had participated in traditional cultural pursuits ...
Treatment of slaves by their owners was notoriously bad, and many slaves escaped the plantations. With the help of the native South Americans living in adjoining rain forest ...
Strong attachment to the British Empire and Commonwealth led to major participation in British military efforts in the 2nd Boer War, the 1st World War, and the 2nd World War.
In the years following the achievement of complete independence [Country] became increasingly militarized, and was referred to as 'the Prussia of the Balkans'.
The country had a particularly large Jewish population prior to World War II, when the Nazi Holocaust caused [Country's] Jewish population, estimated at 3 million before ...
[Country] traces its history to the Kingdom of Lan Xang or Land of a Million Elephants, which existed from the 14th to the 18th century. After a period as a French protectorate ...
Although having rejected European Union membership in two referendums, [Country] maintains close ties with the union and its member countries, as well as with the United States.
[Country] has more languages than any other country, with over 820 indigenous languages, representing twelve percent of the world's total.

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