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Production NumberNameSynopsis
1ACV01 Philip J. Fry, a New York pizza delivery boy, winds up in a cryogenics lab and wakes up a thousand years later, where he meets a cyclops named Leela and a robot named Bender
1ACV02 Planet Express gets an order to ship to the moon, the new crew's first mission. This episode also introduces Dr. Zoidberg, Amy Wong and Hermes Conrad.
1ACV03Fry and Bender move in together as roommates, and they are established as close friends, but when Fry moves to another apartment Bender feels lonely and stops drinking.
1ACV04 The Planet Express crew is sent off on a mission of charity to save animals from the doomed planet Vergon 6, there Leela finds a relationship between herself and Zapp Brannigan she did not expect.
1ACV05The Planet Express crew is sent to Chapek 9, a planet filled with human-hating robots, Bender immediately likes the place, being tired of his friends' opinion of him as nothing more than an item.
1ACV06 Fry's old bank account's interest rate has developed into a huge fortune, however, because he obtains a can of anchovies, he becomes a prime threat to Mom, whose sons manage to steal his money, but Fry remains to eat the anchovies
1ACV07Fry becomes the emperor of Trisol through random lucky occurrences, at the expense of Leela's displeasure with his reckless behavior.
Production NumberNameSynopsis
1ACV08 After Farnsworth's development of the Smell-O-Scope, Fry discovers a giant ball of garbage heading directly for New New York, and it becomes a race against time to save the city.
1ACV09 Bender becomes obsessed with electricity, abusing it like a drug. After discontent from his friends, he joins Robotology to purify himself, but his new extremes of sanctity grow into a major irritation for his friends
1ACV10 This episode tells several tales on board the cruise liner Titanic, piloted by Zapp Brannigan
1ACV11 Farnsworth has a laboratory experiment, which he needs to develop in his lab at Mars University. Meanwhile, Fry enrolls at the university to be a drop-out, and Bender teaches the Fratbots how to be cool again.
1ACV12The Omicronians invade Earth due to Fry knocking out Fox a thousand years prior.
1ACV13 Fry is obsessed with Slurm, and when a competition comes out for him to see the Slurm Factory, he cannot resist. However, at the Slurm Factory, the Planet Express crew discovers the horrible truth about Slurm.

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