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Can you name the Red Versus Blue Characters?

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Chorus War - Tank?
Blue Team - Bow Chicka Bow Bow
Red Team - Kiss Ass
A.I - Creativity/Ambition
A.I - Trust
Freelancer - Handlebar
A.I - Fear
Blue Team - Team Killing ****
Blue Team - Robot
Freelancer - ANGRY Twin Sister
Red Team - Lightish-Red
Freelancer - Number 1
Chorus War - FIRE!!!
Freelancer - Lost an eye
Red Team - El Roboto
A.I - Deceit
Chorus War - 2nd in Command Project Freelancer
Inactive - Alien Baby
Chorus War - Invisible Dread
Unaffiliated - Predator
Chorus War - Leader of New Republic
Unaffiliated - Wife of Church
Freelancer - Cappy
Freelancer - Actually Dead
Freelancer - Neutral
Freelancer - Betrayer
Unaffiliated - Can't finish
A.I - Logic
Freelancer - Worst Throw of All Time
Freelancer - Kind Twin Brother
Inactive - Color Blind
Chorus War - Alien A.I
Chorus War - Crazy Doctor
Inactive - Car that plays Mariachi
A.I - Rage/Anger
Red Team - Leader
Red Team - Lazy Ass
Neutral - PURPLE
Freelancer - Pilot
Blue Team - Death Counts Pushing Three
Freelancer - Misses dead wife
Chorus War - Leader of Federation
Inactive - El Roboto Jr
Chorus War - Betrayer
A.I - Happiness
Freelancer - Shot in neck 9 times

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