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Based On Their Description, Can you name these Sports That Contain Double Letters?

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Description Sport
A Sport That Is Played In Water
A Sport Where Potting In The 8 Ball Will End The Game
Clay Targets Are Used In This Sport
Most Popular Sport In The World
The Aim Of The Game Is To Get The Ball Through The Hoop
Variations Of This Sport Include Alpine And Nordic
Different Types Of Shots In This Game Include The Dig And Spike
A Sport Played On A Variate Of Courts Including Clay And Grass
A Sport In Which Players Use Their Hands To Score In The Other Teams Goals
Description Sport
A Form Of Gymnastics Where Participants Use Bars To Preform Their Tricks
A Sport That Uses Barriers And Water Pits
Competitive Form Of Ice Skating
Home Runs Are Hit In This Sport
A Sport Where Individuals Race Through Open And Natural Terrain
One Section Of A Triathlon
A Sport In Which The Bat Is Red And Black
One Of Four Throwing Events In The Olympics
A Game Where You Try To Capture The Opponents King

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