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QUIZ: Can you name the cult movies?

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Clue wordsMovieYear
Red Apple, Big Kahuna,Jack Rabbit Slims1994
God, Death, Silence, Chess1957
Heroine, Iggy Pop, Orange, Toxoplasmosis1996
Golf, Remote control, Madness, Eggs1997
Snake leather jacket, Elvis, Road1990
Hockey, Star Wars, ****1994
Loneliness, Whisky, Tokyo, Karaoke2003
Suicide, Cat Stevens, Love, Old lady1971
Bowling, Saddam, Jesus1998
Chainsaw, Forest, Book of the dead1981
Clue wordsMovieYear
Paris, Limusine, Costumes, Green2012
Magnum 44, Betsy, Mohawk1976
Conrad, Jim Morrison, Jungle, 1979
Beethoven, Milk1971
Soap, Mayhem, Pixies1999
Monkey Business, Time Travel, 1995
Stonehenge, Cucumber, Smell the glove1984
Polaroid, Tattoos2000
Rabbit, Black Knight, Camelot1975
28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, 12 seconds2001

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