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How many Pink Floyd albums have 7 or less studio tracks?
Which song on Atom Heart Mother mainly consists of audio of a man preparing and eating a meal?
What is the name of Pink Floyd's original front man?
What year was the album Obscured by Clouds released?
What is Pink Floyd's longest single song? (Not Seperated)
What is Pink Floyd's shortest song?
What is Roger Waters first song involving the subject of war?
What is the name of Pink Floyd's drummer?
How many instrumentals are on the album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn?
What song features a dog giving back-up vocals?
Set the Controls for the_______________
What are two songs that feature Nick Mason's voice?
What is the last album to feature Richard Wright on vocals?
What is the name of Pink Floyd's first soundtrack album?
Several Species of____________________
What is the last Pink Floyd album to feature Roger Waters?
Candy and a ________________
What is the earliest Pink Floyd song to feature Richard Wright on vocals?
Lyrics: It's high time, _____________
Lyrics from what song: I'm the man on the outside looking in
Lyrics from what song: And what exactly is a joke?
What album is the first to feature David Gilmour?
Lyrics from what song: and everyday the paper boy brings more
The Piper at the Gates of Dawn and A Saucerful of Secrets were combined in 1973 to form the Double album, _____________
The album Animals was released in what year?
How many Pink Floyd albums served as a soundtrack to a film?
What was the name of the four-part song Richard Wright contributed to the album Ummagumma?
Lyrics from what song: As I reach for a peach, slide a rind down behind
What country-esque song did Pink Floyd contribute to the soundtrack of the film Zabriskie Point?
How many studio albums did Pink Floyd release? (Soundtracks included)

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