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Can you name the Pokemon that evolve in ways other than leveling up?

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Evolution MethodAnswerType
High FriendshipNormal/Fairy
High Friendship, DayGrass/Poison
High FriendshipNormal
High FriendshipNormal
High Friendship, NightPsychic
High FriendshipFairy
High Friendship, DayNormal (Psychic)
High Friendship, NightNormal (Dark)
High FriendshipPoison/Flying
High FriendshipNormal/Fairy
High FriendshipNormal
High FriendshipElectric
High Friendship, DayFighting
High FriendshipBug/Grass
High FriendshipFairy
High FriendshipPsychic/Flying
Leveled Up Knowing Double HitNormal
Leveled Up Knowing MimicRock
Leveled Up Knowing Fairy-type MoveNormal (Fairy)
Leveled Up Knowing RolloutNormal
Leveled Up Knowing MimicPsychic/Fairy
Leveled Up Knowing Ancient PowerIce/Ground
Leveled Up Knowing Ancient PowerGrass
Leveled Up Knowing Ancient PowerBug/Flying
Leveled Up Near a Moss RockNormal (Grass)
Leveled Up Near an Ice RockNormal (Ice)
Leveled Up in Mt. Coronet, Chargestone Cave, Kalos Route 13 or New MauvilleElectric/Steel
Leveled Up in Mt. Coronet, Chargestone Cave, Kalos Route 13 or New MauvilleRock
Leveled Up at Night, Starting at Level 39Rock/Ice
Leveled Up at Night, Holding Razor FangGround/Flying
Leveled Up at Night, Holding Razor ClawDark/Ice
Leveled Up During the Day, Starting at Level 39Rock/Dragon
Leveled Up During the Day, Holding Oval StoneNormal
Leveled Up, Remoraid in PartyWater/Flying
Leveled Up, High Beauty/Traded Holding Prism ScaleWater
Level 21, Female OnlyBug/Flying
Empty Slot in Party/Extra Pokeball in BagBug/Flying
Evolution MethodAnswerType
Level 32, Dark Type in PartyFighting
Level 30, Hold 3DS Upside DownDark/Psychic
Level 50, Raining in OverworldDragon
Level 20, MaleBug (Bug/Flying)
Level 20, FemaleBug (Bug/Grass)
Level 20, Attack > DefenseFighting (Fighting)
Level 20, Attack < DefenseFighting (Fighting)
Level 20, Attack = DefenseFighting (Fighting)
Level 7, Personality ValueBug (Bug)
Fire StoneFire
Fire StoneFire
Fire StoneNormal (Fire)
Fire StoneFire
Water StoneWater (Water/Fighting)
Water StoneWater
Water StoneWater
Water StoneNormal (Water)
Water StoneWater/Grass
Water StoneWater
Thunder StoneElectric
Thunder StoneNormal (Electric)
Thunder StoneElectric
Leaf StoneGrass/Poison (Grass/Poison)
Leaf StoneGrass/Poison
Leaf StoneGrass/Psychic
Leaf StoneGrass/Dark
Leaf StoneGrass
Moon StoneFairy
Moon StoneNormal/Fairy
Moon StonePoison
Moon StonePoison
Moon StoneNormal
Moon StonePsychic
Sun StoneGrass/Poison (Grass)
Sun StoneGrass
Sun StoneGrass
Sun StoneGrass
Evolution MethodAnswerType
Sun StoneNormal/Electric
Shiny StoneFairy/Flying
Shiny StoneGrass/Poison
Shiny StoneNormal
Shiny StoneFairy
Dusk StoneDark/Flying
Dusk StoneGhost
Dusk StoneGhost/Fire
Dusk StoneSteel/Ghost
Dawn Stone, MalePsychic/Fairy (Psychic/Fighting)
Dawn Stone, FemaleIce (Ice/Ghost)
Trade Holding Deep Sea ToothWater (Water)
Trade Holding Deep Sea ScaleWater (Water)
Trade Holding Reaper ClothGhost
Trade Holding ElectirizerElectric
Trade Holding MagmarizerFire
Traded for ShelmetBug
Traded for KarrablastBug
Traded Holding Metal CoatRock/Ground
Traded Holding Metal CoatBug/Flying
Traded Holding King's RockWater (Water)
Traded Holding Up-GradeNormal
Traded Holding Dubious DiskNormal
Traded Holding ProtectorRock/Ground
Traded Holding Dragon ScaleWater
Traded Holding King's RockWater/Psychic
Traded Holding SachetFairy
Traded Holding Whipped DreamFairy

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