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A cartoon dog named Striker was the mascot of the 1994 FIFA World Cup, held in which country?Sports
The Spanish name of which outlying territory translates into English as 'Islands of the Dogs'? Geography
'Who Let the Dogs Out?' is a 2000 song performed by which musical group?Music
What 2008 Disney movie revolves around a small white dog voiced by John Travolta?Movies
Which Fox sitcom features an anthropomorphic dog that was temporarily killed off in its 12th season?Television
Which ITV talent competition has been won twice, in 2012 and 2015, by dancing dogs?Just For Fun
Which Ivy League university's athletic teams are known as the Bulldogs?Miscellaneous
Laika the Soviet space dog was the first ever animal to orbit the earth aboard which spacecraft?History
Norman Bridwell authored a series of children's books about a big red dog. What is its name?Literature
What Latin phrase, translating to 'beware of dog,' has been found on some Pompeii mosaics?Language
Which star, the brightest in the night sky, is located in the Great Dog constellation of Canis Major?Science
Which 1984 NES video game features an iconic dog that laughs at terrible players?Gaming
What is the name of the yellow dog that appears in the American comic strip 'Garfield'?Entertainment
In Greek mythology, who is the three-headed dog that guards the Underworld?Religion
The main character in which Holiday themed Tim Burton movie owns a ghost dog named Zero?Holiday

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