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Can you name the holidays that are being referenced in these internet clickbait-style headlines?

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Forced Order
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Clickbait HeadlineHoliday
Rodent stares at its own shadow, what happens next is shocking!
Fat man tries to go down chimney, you'll never guess what happens!
Kings FEAR him. Man creates simple system to blow up parliament.
17 photos of leprechauns guaranteed to make you smile.
Man buys flowers and chocolates for his wife. Her response will shock you! [NSFW]
These Maccabees only had a daysworth of oil left. You won't BELIEVE what happens next!
22 genius lifehacks to help save the planet you're on!
41 of the most epic pranks to pull on your loved ones. [GIFs]
When you find out what landmass this Italian man lands on, your jaw will DROP!
One weird trick GUARANTEED to get you free candy from your neighbours.
You won't believe what the president does to this turkey!
3.14159265358979... transcendental numbers that will blow your mind!
See what this one bunny does with a basket of eggs.
Your heart will MELT when you see what this guy does for his mom.
The most embarrassing rendition of Auld Lang Syne you'll hear this year! [Video]

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