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Can you name these songs when given their opening lyrics, but with all the words in alphabetical order?

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Alphabetized LyricsSong
a a anywhere girl goin' in Just livin' lonely midnight She small the took town train world
a a as bar cocktail I in met waitress were when working You you
a a bringing dark fever fire heart in it's me my out pitch Reaching starting the There's
a ball boy Brighton down Ever From I I've played silver since Soho the to was young
a by can I I'm man my tell the use walk way Well woman's you
a childhood got it me me memories of Reminds seems She's smile that to
afraid At by could first I I I Kept live my never petrified side thinking was was without you
again come darkness friend Hello I've my old talk to with you
ain't gonna I in is me me once roll sharpest shed Somebody the the the told tool world
And and curtain end face final I is near now so the the
and bloom for green I I me of Red roses see see them too trees you
and close dark evil's in It's lurking midnight something the to
and do I know love no rules so strangers the to We're You
back chances Did my my on Rising street the time took up
be here joker kind must of of out Said some the the There thief to way
But conversation drums echoing hear hears I of only quiet she some the tonight whispers
China Day DiMaggio Doris Harry Joe Johnnie Pacific Ray Red South Truman Walter Winchell
comes find I in Mary me Mother myself of times to trouble When
control don't don't education need need no no thought We We
fantasy Is Is just life real the this this

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