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Can you correctly guess which statements about Fire Emblem weapons and items are true?

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FE14: Five Nohrian tomes have a might of 1
FE10: Urvan, the SS axe, gives 10 weapon experience
FE3: A steel axe is more powerful than a silver axe
FE11: Aura and Excalibur both weigh 1
FE7: Ballista give more weapon experience than other bows
FE10: Bronze weapons first appear in this game
FE13: Helswath and Armads are identical, except for Helswath being 1-2 range
FE5: All fire, wind and thunder tomes are worth either 2200 or 3200
FE5: Broken axes have a hit of 0
FE3: More than half of the staves in the game give exactly 58 experience when used.
FE8: The Silver Lance appears in the game's code twice
FE8: Monster weapons all have infinite durability
FE7: Gespenst, the S rank dark tome, gives more weapon experience per use than other dark tomes
FE5: There are eight swords in total that have usage restrictions (ie only certain people can use)
FE13: Dragonstones have twice as much might as beaststones
FE1: The Devil Axe has the same might as the Gradivus
FE11: Barrier gives the least exp of all staves
FE2: Nosferatu is the only black magic to not drain HP on use
FE3: Shaver has the highest crit of any tome in the game, with 20
FE2: The 'Shooting Star' Lance has a crit of 50
FE2: The default (unequipped) bow does not deal effective damage to fliers
FE12: This game is the first in the series to remove weapon weight
TRS: There exists a weapon called 'swordbreaker' which instantly breaks the opponent's sword if they are equipped with one
FE14: The weapon Takumi uses in the prologue is not the real Fujin Yumi, stats wise
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FE1: The barrier staff has the highest weapon level requirement of all staves
FE9: The heaviest knife, stiletto, has the same weight as an iron lance
FE6: Fimbulvetr is completely unobtainable in the main game
FE12: The 'Master Sword' does not require max sword rank to use
FE7: Axes are the only physical weapon type that has every weapon's durability divisible by 5
FE12: There are three bows with a brave effect (2x attack)
FE14: All clubs have an innate crit of at least 5
FE11: No sword has an A rank requirement
FE10: There are no prf lances
FE3: In book 2, the only obtainable Bolganone outside of secret shops is in Lena's inventory
FE11: Caeda, Minerva and Maria can all use the Aum staff
FE11: No dragonstone exceeds 50 hit
FE13: Armorslayers and wyrmslayers have identical stats
FE4: Iron, Steel and Silver lances are all twice as powerful as Iron, Steel and Silver Swords, respectively
FE9: Every single bow does effective damage to fliers
FE7: Forblaze has higher might than all other anima tomes
FE1: All tomes are 1-2 range
FE4: The Earth Sword is the only sword in the entire game to have less than 50 uses
FE14: The 'Chopstick' has higher hit than all other shurikens
FE8: Bonewalkers can use the Shamshir, which is usually locked to myrmidons and Eirika
FE3: If you sell four iron axes, four steel axes, four hand axes, and four devil axes, the total will still not be as much as selling a single silver axe
FE13: Excluding the killer axe, Hector's axe has the highest crit of axes
FE14: All Nohrian staves are either 1 range or 1-7 range
FE6: The only axe to go above 65 hit is Armads
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FE2: The Falchion has a weight of zero, despite having a weight of three in FE1
FE10: Heal is the only staff to not have a crit bonus
FE12: The 'Mediocre' staff heals a unit for (user's mag)/2 + 1
FE13: Only archers and snipers can use 2-3 range bows
FE6: The killer ballista does not actually have any innate crit
FE4: The Brave Axe has lower weapon rank requirement than a Silver
FE8: The poison sword is D rank, not E rank
FE9: The venin lance is identical to a slim lance other than the fact it poisons
FE12: There exists named lances (eg 'Luke's Lance') for all three starting cavaliers
FE8: The C rank Dragon Axe is the strongest axe in the game, excluding Garm
FE9: The lightest staff, heal, has a weight of 0
FE2: No swords exceed 90 hit
FE1: The 'Knight Killer' (Horse Slayer) Lance has a higher weapon level than a Silver Lance
FE4: Both the Barrier and Defense swords are obtained by having dancers visit villages
FE10: Breath is the only laguz weapon type to not get stronger as weapon level increases
FE6: All light tomes have at least 75 hit and 5 crit
FE4: Excluding Valflame, Meteor has the highest might of all fire tomes
FE5: Rapiers exist in this game, but they are not locked to lords
FE5: The E rank dark tome Flux is more expensive than C rank Yotsmungand
FE6: The Lancereaver has an innate crit of 5
FE7: Light Magic has one E, D, C, B, and A rank weapon, and two S rank weapons
FE9: Base Thunder, Wind and Fire tomes all possess the same hit and might
FE1: Compared to Bolganone, Thoron has higher might, hit, crit, and durability, and lower weight, but is less expensive

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