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Can you correctly guess which statements about Fire Emblem growths, bases and promo gains are true?

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FE9: Reyson has higher base strength than Soren
FE6: Lalum has a higher base str than Cath (assuming normal mode)
FE3: In book 2, Marth starts at level 3, not level 1
FE14: In Conquest, the royals are all in the top four in terms of res base
FE13: Basilio and Flavia are the only non-spotpass units to have an A rank base in a weapon
FE12: Etzel has the highest res base in the game
FE8: Promoting Recruit into Recruit(2) does not boost con, but promoting to Recruit(3) does
FE1: Each class has a base EXP in addition to its other base stats
FE8: Amelia's base stats are all lower or the same as Eirika's
FE11: Minerva has a personal mag base of 10
FE7: Renault has a higher mag growth than Nino
FE8: Forde, Kyle and Ephraim all have the same base luck
FE4: Briggid has the highest base HP of first gen units
FE14: Kaze and Hinoka have the same max stat modifiers
FE3: Roshea's growths are all higher in book 2, compared to his book 1 growths
FE8: Female myrmidons get boosts in every stat when promoting to assassin, but males miss 3 stats
FE10: Sothe and Garret (untransformed) have the same base res
FE2: Mycen has a growth total of 20
FE5: Promoting thieves does not give them a movement bonus
FE7: Athos and Merlinus are the only characters with a 0 growth in any stat
FE9: Every laguz has over 100 in hp growth
FE1: Beck is the only unit with 0 def growth
FE9: Excluding Elincia, Mist and Rolf are the latest units you get that start at level 1
FE9: A 'Paladin (Titania)' is coded into the game, with identical stats to 'Paladin (F)' except for weapon levels
FactTrue/FalseExtra Info
FE11: Growths exist for a 'Dismounted Knight (M)', but not for 'Dismounted Knight (F)'
FE14: Camilla and Elise have the same mag base
FE13: Villagers have higher base strength than valkyries
FE12: In their default classes, Palla and Wrys have the same speed growth
FE10: Myrmidon, Archer, Soldier, and Fighter all have identical promo gains, assuming all are male
FE2: Every class has the same generic growth rates
FE7: Promoting Merc to Hero gains no str, and promoting Myrmidon to Swordmaster gains no skill
FE3: All 3 book 2 cavaliers have the same base HP, def and str
FE6: Fighters get 8HP on promotion
FE6: Bors' speed growth is higher than both his str and def growths
FE12: Hunter > Horseman is the only promotion not to boost strength
FE5: Ronan, the archer, has a mag growth of 55
FE6: Roy has the highest def growth in the game
FE8: Eirika and Ephraim have no growths that are the same
FE5: Linoan has a str growth of exactly 3
FE11: Cleric and Curate have the same promo gains
FE14: Great Master has growths above 0 in every stat, but Priestess does not
FE7: In Lyn mode, Rath has the highest res of all your units
FE2: If reclassed to mage, Jesse gets Excalibur earlier than any other mage, at level 2
FE1: Every class has 0 base luck
FE11: Soldiers have a class growth of 0 in every single stat
FE5: Dagdar will, on average, be the only unit to cap HP
FE11: Marth is the only character to have a personal res growth that is not divisible by 5 (7)
FE10: Sanaki has the highest Res growth in the game
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FE10: Upon transforming, male cats gain double the weight of female cats
FE10: The Black Knight has a growth total of 0
FE6: Astolfo has a HP growth of 90
FE12: All of the endgame bishops have identical growths
FE4: Three of the replacement children have 0 base skill
FE4: Promotion from Thunder Mage to Mage Fighter is the only promotion in the game not to boost skill
FE9: Promoting to valkyrie does not result in a movement bonus
FE3: Navarre's growths are all better than those of Samuel (Samto)
FE13: Cavaliers have the lowest HP base of all classes
FE13: On normal mode, Frederick has higher base def than all other gen 1 units
FE2: Alm has the highest HP base of all characters in his route
FE5: Marty has two bases of 0, skill and speed, but every other base is at least 6
FE14: Corrin, with -luck and +hp/str, has the lowest growth total in the game
FE7: Lowen starts at level 2 on Eliwood mode
FE1: Gotoh has the highest HP base of all units in the game
FE3: Armour knights gain no movement upon promotion to general
FE2: No character has a base of 1 in more than one stat
FE4: Every stat is boosted by three different holy blood types, except for HP
FE1: The only 100% growth in the game is Cord's HP
FE4: Twelve first gen units have a mag growth of 5 (factoring in holy blood)
FE12: Est has higher base luck than both Catria and Palla
FE13: Unless her mother is the avatar, Lucina's strength growth will always be lower than Chrom's

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