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Can you correctly guess which statements about Fire Emblem are true?

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FE2: Though most shrines offer two bonuses, any shrine that offers revival will offer nothing else
FE6: The number of E rank staves is the same as the number of A rank staves
FE13: The first item obtainable through renown is a second seal
FE7: Through careful planning, it is possible to have every single character have 5 total supports (eg 1A + 1B rank, 2B + 1C rank etc) between each other at the end of the game
FE1: Staff users can only gain experience by surviving a round of combat, which gives them 1exp
FE3: All dragon breath weapons have a weight of 20
FE14: The Yato has more forms than any other weapon in the series
FE5: This is the first game in the series in which dark magic is usable by the player
FE12: When you create the avatar, your class choice changes the clothes they will wear
FE4: If hacked into his possession, Lex can use Helswath
FE13: The tome 'Wind', when used against flying units, does exactly the same damage as 'Thunder' does
FE11: Several characters are completely unobtainable if one plays without letting any units die
FE3: If there are 32 enemy units on the map, reinforcements will not appear
FE8: In a support, Vanessa says that pegasi actually fly by kicking their legs, not flapping their wings
FE12: The long ranged tome Meteor has the highest durability of any tome (excluding Imhullu)
FE12: In multiplayer battles, the Aum staff can still be used to revive fallen allies
FE10: The Japanese version of the game had a 'Maniac' mode, that was removed in the western release
FE7: On average, if assumed to reach 20/20, Rebecca does not cap any of her stats
FE14: All of Conquest's retainer pairings (Arthur+Effie, Niles+Odin etc) share identical personal growths in at least one stat
FE12: This is the only game in the series where the lord is not playable in the first chapter
FE4: The final boss uses a holy weapon that boosts his stats by a smaller amount than any other holy weapon in the game
FE3: Every single unit in book 2 joins with two items/weapons or less in their inventory
FE9: Rexbolt is the only obtainable S-rank tome without hacking
FE5: One possible promotion path in this game has the unit lose weapon rank when promoting
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FE7: There is a secret shop in this game that sells member cards
FE1: Wrys' growth total is lower than Jagen's
FE2: Snipers could promote in this game, as could Paladins
BSFE: The only objective in these games is try to get as many points as possible within a turn limit.
FE1: There are no enemy exclusive classes in this game
FE10: From the moment you obtain the 'Bargain' system until the end of part 1, there is a javelin for sale in every chapter
FE11: Gates and thrones actually heal different amounts
FE7: In the Japanese version, you would also set your blood type when creating your avatar/tactician
FE2: Some units could promote as early as level 3 in this game
FE9: This game was the first in the series to allow players to forge stronger weapons
FE8: Door keys are worth over four times as much as chest keys when sold
FE9: This game had a composer/sound designer, Naoko Mitome, who has not worked on a single other Fire Emblem game
FE14: Two skills exist, Optimist and Optimistic, that both do completely different things
FE9: Micaiah is actually visible on this game's boxart
FE6: Lance, the cavalier, has a higher lance rank than sword rank
FE14: The Spy's Shuriken has more might than the Steel Shuriken
FE9: The Japanese version of the game had a 'Maniac' mode, that was removed in the western release
FE6: Merlinus is the only character in the game to be recruited with an empty inventory
FE6: Roy has the largest number of potential wives out of any lord in the series, with six
FE10: All of Shinon's growths are higher than Rolf's
FE8: The most expensive A rank sword, the rune sword, is worth less than every B rank sword
FE5: The E rank tome Thunder is more expensive than the A rank tome Thoron
FE4: Ignoring Holy Blood bonuses, Sylvia has the highest res growth of the first gen units
FE11: Sniper is the only class to get a bonus to critical rate
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FE11: Ballisticians can use bows in this game
FE13: The hubba tester has alternate remarks from hubba if the pair are same sex or incestuous
FE8: Every single consumable in this game has only one use
FE10: Brave weapons do not give bonus weapon experience for the second hit of each pair of attacks
FE4: All Ballista in this game require a C rank in bows to use
BWS: Like in FE9, there is a 'Black Knight' that kills the protagonist's father with a holy sword, later being killed by the protagonist with that sword's 'twin'
FE7: The devil axe gives 8 weapon experience per use, compared to the standard 1-2
FE13: In 'Double Duel', there is a team called 'Kellam's Kettles'
FE11: Palla gives a support bonus to Frey
FE5: This game features skills, however none of them are chance based
FE5: Pure Water and the Barrier staff both raise magic in this game
FE2: The holy bow has a weight of 0
FE10: No growths in this game reach or surpass 100
FE4: All minor holy blood types boost HP growth by 20%
FE3: Six units in book 2 have a HP growth of 10
FE6: Juno comes with E rank swords
FE1: There is a convoy in this game, however it costs money to use
FE13: For every 10 points a support unit has in a certain stat, they will give +1 in that stat to their pair up partner, up to a max of +5 at 50
FE1: Units could only give items to one another, not take
FE2: Only two units get access to the spell 'Dear', making it the rarest magic in the game
FE3: The highest weapon level requirement for staves is 11, with the watch staff
FE14: In Revelation, every single recruitable unit past chapter 7 joins either midway through a chapter or in the cutscene after it, never before a chapter starts
FE8: Male and Female versions of each class, despite having some different bases, will always have the same base weapon level
FE12: A remake of FE11 exists in the code of this game, similarly to FE3 book 1

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