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Can you correctly guess which statements about Fire Emblem are true?

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FE7: Blade Lord possesses lower bases than Lyn!Lord in defense and res
FE12: During Avatar creation, it is impossible to have an avatar that has both 'Clergy's child' and 'Kind' traits
FE9: Tiger and cat claw weapons are functionally identical
FE7: Dorcas will start with an energy ring on Eliwood mode, but not Hector mode
FE9: Every unpromoted horse unit has the same weight
FE3: The Iote's shield can be found in chapter 3, but it functions as a desert item (thieves have 100% find rate, others have only a chance to find it)
FE10: The final chapter in this game grants bonus EXP
FE6: Every shop and armoury in this game has a number of items for sale that is divisible by four
FE11: Excluding the prologue, the first four chapters all have some event that gives you money.
FE2: It was possible to double with some staves/white magic in this game (eg cast heal twice in one action)
FE10: Cat Laguz have the highest drop in their laguz rate when battling, losing 4 every battle
FE3: In book 2, there are no playable axe users
FE2: If Alm performs an attack next to Celica, he will have a 100% crit rate
FE14: Conquest's final boss has a weapon that lowers the chance he will perform critical hits, but does not prevent them.
FE6: Jodel has a support with Dayan that functions as a tutorial of sorts about the support system
FE8: The General skill 'Great Shield' has an activation rate based off of the enemy's level, not the user's
FE4: During chapter 5, there is supposed to be a scripted death of several NPC characters. However, it is possible for some or all of these characters to survive
FE5: Healing staves could miss in this game
TRS: This game is the first in the Fire Emblem series to not be on a nintendo system
FE4: If a player obtains all conversations between characters, Alec has the highest chance of being paired with Sylvia
FE6: There is no D rank light magic in this game
FE6: This game was the last in the series to be directed by the original director, Shouzou Kaga
FE8: Monster weapons lack a weapon rank
FE13: The parallel and exalted falchions are the only weapons in the game that can be used as an item
FactTrue/FalseExtra Info
FE7: Fire Dragons possess the lowest movement in the game (aside from Merlinus)
FE11: Secret shops were a new addition to this game, as they did not appear in FE1
FE14: Unlike in Awakening, the amount that a boon/bane changes a growth is different depending on the stat
FE9: Even in fixed mode, and without using statboosters or equipping any rings, a unit's stats can still end up differently between playthroughs
FE9: The most expensive thing to forge on any weapon is crit rate
FE5: The shops in chapter 1, 2, and 3 all sell only vulneraries
FE7: Rain only appears in a single chapter in this game, and only for three turns
FE13: Despite not having access to the mage class set, Emmeryn has mag+2 and focus when she joins, which are mage skills
FE13: The highest strength obtainable in this game comes from a +Str avatar marrying Cherche
FE12: This game was the last game in the series to not be released outside of Japan
FE11: In the multiplayer maps, fog of war can be enabled. However, unlike most games, units can be warped into the fog with a warp staff
FE10: All five 'citizen' type classes have the same stat caps
FE12: Every promotion in this game gives +6HP
FE5: This game is the first in the series to feature fog of war
FE3: The dragon breath weapons all have a value of 5000 gold if somehow sold
FE8: Five characters in this game start with 0 base def
FE3: The Libra star shard will reduce a unit's res growth by 10, despite every unit in the game having a res growth of 3
FE6: It is impossible to get the max ranking on normal mode
FE14: There exists a tome in this game, Speed Thunder, that grants a speed bonus to nearby allies when used
FE13: If Olivia does not reclass, Luck+4 is the only skill she can pass down
FE1: Excluding Gotoh, the highest level a unit joins at is 6, which Hardin joins at
FE5: This game's ranking system only checked for turn count and units alive at the end of the game
FE2: This game was the first in the series to have an 'easy' mode
FE4: In the arena of this game, there is a magic user who has 0 magic
FactTrue/FalseExtra Info
FE14: Excluding variable inherited classes, no unit in the game has a promoted class that can be accessed by both their base and heart seal classes
FE12: Rickard has a higher strength growth than Samto (assuming both in base classes)
FE3: In book 2, Bantu is the only unit with a 0% defense growth
FE11: The killer weapons in this game do not have the highest crit rate of all weapons
FE2: There are four characters on the boxart of this game, which include Alm, Celica, and a man in yellow armour who doesn't actually appear in game
FE14: Besides Kaze and Saizo (who both have ninja and samurai), every non-child unit in the game has a unique class set
FE9: Hammerne, when sold, is worth less than physic (assuming both are at full uses
FE1: Gotoh does not come at level 20, and actually has 2 levels to increase his stats
FE4: Although the game attempts to make it impossible, it is possible to make Julia and Seliph fall in love with each other.
FE10: Four characters in this game have prf swords
FE1: Walls actually have an avoid bonus in this game
FE11: This game is the first in the series to feature DLC chapters, with four chapters taking place between the prologue and chapter 1 being playable
FE2: The final boss of this game can only be damaged by the Falchion once he reaches 52hp
FE12: A secret shop exists in this game that sells a single master seal and nothing else
FE7: Merlinus possesses the highest HP, skill, speed, and luck growths in the game
FE1: There are more swords in this game than lances and axes combined
FE8: If granted boots, unpromoted knights can walk over rivers, but only a single tile at a time
FE1: Despite being locked to Lena, Hammerne has a weapon level requirement that she may not have reached yet
FE4: In the Japanese version, both Ishtor and Ishtar have the same name
FE8: All units have a movement cap of 10 in this game
FE5: Every player unit in this game has a stat that is added to their crit chance on follow up attacks
FE10: Every boss unit that appears before the first magic using boss has 0 magic
FE13: Lucina is the only character in the game (besides Morgan) who can have Dual Strike+, Dual Guard+ and Dual Support+

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